Order Guide

1. Search for Products in the website.
2. Type a Job Name (this allows much faster order tracking)
3. Select the Product Options that you need.
4. You can also choose if you would like to pickup the items at office.
5. If you choose Self-Pickup : No, then it will automatically calculate your Shipping costs in your PrintList (cart)

1. You can upload multiple files at once, but please make sure that your files follows our guideline to ensure faster and high quality printing.
2. You can also add any remarks/instructions
3. Choose the Quantity you required.
4. Click on Add to Print List to confirm this product.
5. You will be re-directed to the PrintList page.

1. This is your PrintList
2. You can order multiple products and it will be displayed here.
3. You can still adjust the Quantity or Delete any Product(s) from your Order.
4. Click on Estimate Shipping to select any available Shipping Options (shipping charges only appear if you had at least one product which requires shipping)
5. Clicking on Checkout button will re-direct you to the Order Confirmation Page.

1. Fill up the Billing & Shipping Details
2. You can select from the available Shipping Options.
3. If your current Store Credit is not enough to pay for this Order, it will require you to bank-in payment after your confirmed this Order.
4. Your Store Credit will always be used up to pay for this Order.
5. Click on Confirm Order to submit this Order to us. (your order will be marked as Waiting for Payment and you are required to bank-in payment for this Order)

1. Your remaining Store Credit will be exhausted to pay for your Order.
2. If your Order Total exceeds your Store Credit, you are required to bank-in any remaining payment to us.
3. Please top-up your Store Credit for a faster ordering process.