My Order Payment F.A.Q

How do I place my order?

All orders can only be made through our website but you have to be a member to do this.

Step 1: Select any category and choose product

Step 2: Fill-up online order form and upload your artwork

Step 3: In the Confirm Order step, check your print order specifications and click "Confirm Order" to complete process. 

How do I confirm my order?

Once you have keyed in all the necessary details in the Ordering Page (which includes uploading your artwork), click the "Order Now" button (this will attach your files to the order form). You will then be directed to the My Print Order Listing to check the details of your order. To confirm, click the 'Checkout' button and fill up the Billing/Shipping details and click on "Confirm Order" button. We will check your order and contact you for any information needed.

How long will I have to wait for my goods to arrive?

Each product has a different delivery duration. The exact delivery date will be stated on your Order ID in the My Account page. You may view the Delivery Schedule of each products at the bottom of the product's page before you make an order.

Can I cancel or change my order?

If you have detected an error only after submitting your order to us, ONLY IF your order is not yet in the printing process. Kindly contact Customer Service immediately, so that we can put your job on hold until you make the necessary amendments. In such a case, please note that there will be a delay in the completion and delivery of your goods.

We are not to be held responsible for any matter resulting from a member"s failure to contact our company promptly or to convey the necessary instructions regarding his/her orders.

We are also not responsible for any matter resulting from a member"s failure to contact our company promptly or to convey the necessary instructions regarding his/her orders. 

Are prices shown on the Ordering Page inclusive of GST?

Yes, they are. The prices shown are not inclusive of 6% GST

How can I keep track of my orders and my account balance?

Please Login to your My Account panel to check your order history and account balance.

What do I do if I am dissatisfied with my order?

If you are not satisfied with your printed goods, please write to our Customer Service within 1 week (7 days) of receiving your order. Please include your order number and reason for dissatisfaction. If you have not received your order within the specified delivery time, please write to us at Feedback not later than 1 week (7 days) from the date of the specified delivery time. Our Customer Service department will review your request and work with you to meet your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only reprint or refund the cost of any product that fails to meet the conditions under the General Expectation on Printing Outcome (see Terms & Conditions). However, we are not responsible for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the artwork/document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, we do not review artwork/documents for content or spelling.

What should I do if I have a Pending Job?

STEP 1: Go to the Order List page and see any remarks marked as Pending and click on on the View link  to see what are the artwork error(s) detected by our pre-press team.

STEP 2: Note the errors and make the corrections on your artwork file.

STEP 3: Upload the corrected artwork file to us by clicking the link by e-mailing us directly, with subject as your Order ID : Artwork Amendment

STEP 4: Go back to, or refresh the Pending Job List page to check the order status. (We will update the status of your pending job within 4 hours.)

If status is "Reject", go back to STEP 1
If resent file is "OK", we will proceed to print.